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Czech coaches

Daniel Malinovský

Daniel is the head coach of three hockey clubs: HC VAL DI FIEMME (IT), HOCKEY BUNNIES (CZ), and DM SKILLS HOCKEY SCHOOL (EU). He specializes in skating, stickhandling, and individual skills coaching. His experience with training both attackers and defenders includes 17 years of work with children and youth.

Daniel holds a Hockey Canada Powerskating and Stickhandling license by Sean Skinner. He has gained his experience gradually in the Czech Republic, Canada, Finland, Switzerland, and Italy. He is interested in sports psychology and SPORTHACKING COACHING, where he collaborates with Marian Jelinek.

Daniel is a former professional player of HC VERVA Litvínov, HC Most, and Quebec Remparts (QMHL) in Canada. He is also a former player of the Czech national teams U16, U17, U18, U19, and U20.

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Ondřej Smrž

Ondřej Smrž is a top skills coach from the Czech Republic who has specialized in skating training since 2007. He has gained professional knowledge not only in his home country but also in North America. He has worked with Extraliga clubs and players. For example, he prepared Jakub Kindl and Dominik Simon for the NHL. Currently, he works with Hockey Bunnies and many top players across Europe. As a specialist in skating technique, powerskating, and agility, he quickly built a reputation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Now, he passes on his experience to children at our HB camps in Italy.

“We are extremely grateful for Ondra, and I believe that together, we will advance the children’s careers. Ondřej is one of the best skills coaches I know and have seen work. The sophistication of his skating technique and teaching is fantastic. Welcome to HB, Ondro,” says Jiří Irlbek, the company’s president.

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Lukáš Endál

Lukáš is a Czech hockey coach and an active professional player for HC DYNAMO PARDUBICE B. He specializes in shooting and finishing techniques, with a focus on the timing of individual shots by players. Lukáš aims to improve players’ speed and technical execution when shooting. He also emphasizes all aspects of working with the hockey stick, and his expertise lies in the swing shot, which is the most effective and accurate, as well as shots from each of the player’s feet, enabling shooting from any position. Additionally, Lukáš focuses on the volley shot (one-timer), which is important to use in situations such as power plays or game renumberings.

“We are extremely happy to have such a skilled shooting technique specialist in our ranks and collaborating with HB,” adds company president Jiří Irlbek.”

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Martin Veselý

Martin is a Czech youth hockey coach working in the HC SMÍCHOV club in the Czech Republic. He is an excellent former professional player who worked not only in the Czech Republic, but also in European competitions (mainly in France). As a coach, he focuses on skating technique, stick technique, passing and proper shooting.

“Martin is also an excellent coach for off-ice training, which he will lead together with other coaches as the head coach. I believe that Martin Veselý together with Lukáš Endál will be a great team for the players at our camp. We are extremely happy that Martin will be one of the coaches at our DM HOCKEY SKILLS WEEKS and HB – ITALY 2023 camps,” says Jiří Irlbek, president of Hockey Bunnies.

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Italian coaches

Andrea Galeazzi

Andrea is an Italian youth coach with 15 years of experience in youth hockey clubs in Italy. He previously coached HC VAL DI FIEMME AND HC FASSA, and now he coaches the BOLZANO FOXES ACADEMY team. He excels especially as a coach for younger players in the area of skills. He has also worked as an assistant coach for the U15, U16, and U18 Italian national teams. Andrea is the main video coach at our camps in Italy.

“We are very happy that Andrea will lead our players at HB and DM HOCKEY SKILLS WEEKS – ITALY 2023,” adds Jiří Irlbek, president of HC, regarding the collaboration.

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Luca Feliceti

Luca is an Italian coach with 10 years of experience in youth hockey clubs in Italy. He is a former professional player who represented Italy several times at world championships. Currently, he works with the BOLZANO FOXES ACADEMY team, specializing in skills, shooting, and skating.

“Luca is a very positive coach who constantly works on improving his profession. He was a great player and has become an amazing coach. We are very pleased that Luca will be one of the super coaches at our HB and DM HOCKEY SKILLS WEEKS – ITALY 2023,” commented company president Jiří Irlbek.

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Giancarlo Todesco

Giancarlo is an Italian coach with 18 years of experience in youth hockey clubs in Italy. He is currently coaching at the CALDARO KALTERN club in Italy.

“Giancarlo is a super positive coach for young players. He trains both defenders and forwards in skating and stickhandling techniques. He is also very good at off-ice training, which is an integral part of all the camps we organize. We are very happy that Giancarlo will be leading the children at our HB and DM HOCKEY SKILLS WEEKS – ITALY 2023,” says Jiří Irlbek, president of HC, about Giancarlo.

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